Gold workout diet and beauthy skin

To have beautiful skin you should  enhance your heart, control weight and always be in a good mood. You can reach it if you sleep enough, eat regulary and healthy food and doing some exercises in the morning. However, only face and body creams without healthy meal and healthy lifestyle will not help save  beautiful skin.

Internal organs responsible for skin beauty: liver and kidney – carrying out the removal in continuous function;  adrenal gland – responsible for important hormones, such as estrogens, pregnenolonus, progesterone and testosterone, that imbalance can cause skin lesions;  the thyroid gland hormone – disorder of this hormone can effect our skin, it becomes dry, flaky; bowels – in his support during the introduction of nutrients to all the organs and removes metabolic products, if this function is happening enough in our skin becomes thicker, oily, may be some changes in the color.

Here are some foods that will help your skin stay beautiful:



– especialy almonds has antioxidant effect. Vit. (E) protects the skin from aging, helps to fight free radicals and maintain adequate skin moisture. Red, green vegetables, red-orange vegetables are a great source of beta carotene. Your body converts beta carotenein to vit. (A) that prevents skin cell damage and premature aging. Green vegetables, such as spinach, also has a lot of vit. (A).


Citrus fruits

– have on the vit. (C) aid in the body’s production of collagen, the protein takes place-which is the basic structure of your skin.



-green leafy vegetables has significant antioxidant-lutein. French researchers have found that lutein supports the skin’s moisture, elasticity and prevents the appearance of wrinkles. If we want to achieve this effect, you should consume on a daily basis for 10 mg of lutein. The amount of lutein 113 g spinach or concluded 57 (g) Cauliflower.


Leguminous vegetables

-rejuvenates skin, because of their use in the body is produced in hialuron acid-a substance, which, thanks to the skin remains smooth and supple. Add to raciona at least 2 hav. tablespoons of leguminous vegetables on a daily basis. Puree of potato change to legume vegetables puree.


Goji berries

– characterized like skin rejuvenating properties. For comparison: (1) (g) of the berries has about 500 times more than oranges vit. (C) the production of collagen, which is important – it is the material support of the elsting skin. As well as these berries have linoleic acid, one of the fatty acids, which matches the skin and prevents the formation of folds. Goji berries is ideal for cocktails, fruit purees or in preparation of salads.



– containing important material-carnosine, antioxidant, resulting in skin tone and maintaining optimal muscle function. Eat meat 2-3 times a week.



– linseed oil, you can drink it or use it for fruit smoothies or salads. Use linseed oil not less than one teaspoon. Flax seed oil contains a lot of Omega 3 fatty acids, which is surrounded by the fat layer of the skin cells, maintaining their optimum nutrition and the prevention of the formation of wrinkles.



Dried plums and blueberries

–skin aging and changing the structure of the continuous exposure to free radicals, which neutralizes the antioxidants and dried plums and blueberries in particular.



– a product rich in antioxidants. Also it is pigment-antocianin, which stimulates the production of collagen. Ideal for both the beet salad and juice.



– Australian researchers have noticed that people are taking a lot of olive oil have more beautiful skin and less wrinkles. Oleic acid is contained in the entries and their oil (first cold-pressed oils) penetrate through the skin cells from the inside wall and rejuvenates it, thereby reducing wrinkles.


– good news for sweets lovers, because German scientists, according to the total dry cocoa powder has antioxidants, which improves the blood circulation of the skin, thus improving the nutrition of the skin-more fall of fluids and nutrients. However, it is necessary to remember that the right quantity of antioxidants have only black chocolate.

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