In the third stage which is necessary to know,  how to lose weight safely  to preserve the beauty.  To achieve this, we need at this stage to add one key thing, it’s oil.


  • You need, two times a week you can change the meat to soups or reduce the quantity of meat and add the soup.
  • These dishes have certain requirements: meat broth cannot be produced from the concentrates sold in cubes or packets. They are rich in a variety of chemical additives, and for you it is very important to eat more healthy food. We can use all the herbs, and natural spice mix.
  • Do not stop the massage. If it is possible to follow the classic body massage, lymph drainage, water supply.
  • At this time, your skin begins to shrink and to lose elasticity needed to help her. After each shower use a nourishing skin oils. Apply immediately after drying. The ideal is a special oil used by pregnant women. They can be purchased in every pharmacy.

Why oil

Very good use environmentally friendly oils not only the skin but also to drink. It is very likely not only help preserve the resilient skin, but also to oil-for-skinencourage a faster metabolism, the weight would fall even faster. Using the extra fish oil or oil occurs in a similar way to the fire if we pour an additional fuel, what starts to become more and more intensive burn. At the same body provided with necessary materials, vitamins, improves absorption of nutrients and other vitamins used.

I am not trying to explain to you medically, say all terms, write formulas. Why do you do. The most important and essential things that you believe in the fact that you would do it honestly and with pleasure. The most important thing for you to know how to lose weight safely, rather than how it happens, why is happening.

It is worth to mention fish oil or hemp seed oil. They are a plethora of necessary materials, but talk about them in a separate article.

You can once a day to eat biscuits. However, only in your home-baked. Otherwise, it is out of my menu. Confectionary products is not bad, as presented. They became worse when they buy Hypermarket, because they contain can be made of many sugar, trans fats, and other substances, which are harmful to health and normal metabolism.