Slimming Massage - lose Weight.

vacuum-massageOverweight and cellulite (subcutaneous adipose tissue changes, due to which skin looks like  “Orange peel”) is often a concern. However, this is not a rule. Cellulite may occur and skinny women. But vacuum massage treatment for both types.



 What is the vacuum massage?02_photos_cupping_therapy_massage_897299614
  •  Vacuum massage is an effective way of treatment appropriate to stage II and III cellulite (skin surface is reminiscent of the “Orange peel”.
  •  Vacuum massage promotes blood congestion to all tissues and thus improves metabolism, promotes increased lymph to stimulate cellulite and adipose tissue in damaged microcirculation which accelerates fat “burning” (lipolysis). This effectively burns overweight kilograms!
  •  For a better supply of oxygen to the tissues, skin becomes more elastic and smoother.
  •  If in time of procedures is used cream for cellulite, their effectiveness is even more.

When dropping weight, ideal to carry out such a massage a week 2 Once, as a result reached The maximum result.

img_8993_rHow cellulite can be treated?

The regeneration of deprived areas of cellulite and their promotion are varied (vibration-underwater massage, vacuum massage, massage, ultrasound, etc.). Special cosmetics to biodegradable materials are effective when it reaches and inserted obliquely into the layers of skin. In treatment of cellulite it is important to improve tissue microcirculation, reducing edema (swelling), improve skin firmness.

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Now you know one more another way how to lose weight fast and do it safely and healthily.