Slimming Massage - Best Way To Lose Weight Fast

slimming-massageWhat for do we need slimming massage? This procedure is pleasant and useful, it’s relaxing, it helps to heal and get thin. However, there are many types of massage techniques, and each has its own features, pluses and minuses, indications and contraindications, and other restrictions.

By professional massage master

Of course, most effective slimming massage and anti-cellulite massage techniques are done by professional massage master, who works in beauty clinics, salons or spas. But it must be borne in mind that a good massage master time is planned for several months aheada and price is very big, so to get access to such masters can be difficult. If you have a friend a massage master, you can ask him to find time for your shape, and then the weight-loss process will become a pleasant and active. Many people have misconception that the massage specialist accumulate fat with his hands and thereby eliminates cellulite. This is not true, because it is impossible to remove fat doing massage, they can only be burned by hard physical activity. Massage only enhance fat-burning efficiency – it is improved that fat metabolism impairs blood flow and then burn fat under elevated tissue area. However, full-effect can be achieved only by combining massage, sporting activities, total increased activity and regular diet.  Therefore, a quick fat loose, lying down on a massage table, definitely fails.

If you do not have funds or opportunities to go to professional masseurs, you can make the same places body massage by yourself, using different techniques of massage and massage movements. There are more than 200 types of massage. At least one-third of one way or another promotes the slimming and cellulite reduction, because massage involves the whole body, even if it is done in only one place in the body. At home you can make many types of massage. You will need massage oil or light cream, variety shapes and sizes massage devices, towel and bathroom (shower). Of course, the massage is different, but the methodologies for reducing the fat accumulations, suited up not for all women at all.

It is prohibited to perform slimming massage for pregnant women in the period of pregnancy and nursing mothers. Also slimming massage may not be performed for people with increased blood pressure and cerebral circulatory disorders. This massage is not suitable for patients with oncological diseases (tumors), sudden aggravation of an illness or chronic diseases. Slimming massage should not be done to those who have malfunction of blood, varicose veins, excessive heat, and also violations of various skin – allergy, eczema, dermatoze. Slender massage is carried out if body has non-malignant tumors, large birthmarks and warts.