add vitamins and minerals

Congratulations! You are already in the second stage how to lose weight healthy. I think we can really celebrate your achievements, share with us their

At this stage, everything remains the same the same menu. There are only a few changes.

To stimulate metabolism diet need to add minerals and vitamins.

vitamins and minerals on foodAt this stage, the body begins to adapt to the processes and slowing metabolism. The best of the menu include the appropriate vegetables. But we know how difficult it is to get fresh organic vegetables. In addition, they would have to consume a huge amount in order to receive the body the required amount of vitamins. I think that here it is worth pharmacies look for natural vitamins, it would be more convenient and effective.

During the second stage before bedtime you should take one tablet of any kind of multivitamin with microelements and vitamin D.

limfoAlso recommended is a massage of 10-12 procedures per month.

If you ask me, you, how to lose weight fast, i would say that the cells need to help physically, because ease of weight loss influenced by individual biology. Massage reduces cellulite, swelling, stabilizes the intestinal work, stimulates blood circulation, tightens the skin, regulates muscle tone.

The researchers found a correlation between weight loss and pleasure caused by massage. Massage stimulates endorphin production in the skin, also known as happiness hormone. It not only anesthesia, has a calming effect, but also accelerates fat burning. Thus, the greater the pleasure during massage, the better slimming effect.

The massage lymph flow is accelerated by about 10 times, and reflexively hour front lymphatic system and for improving the tone and vasomotor function, reduces stasis in the lymph tissue swelling, improves metabolism, improves gas, protein, mineral salts excretion from the body.

Twice a week, instead of salads for dinner you could eat 4 unsweetened biscuits, 50 g. curd cheese, 3 teaspoons of raisins and a glass of unsweetened organic yogurt.

At this stage, we can begin to change juice to fruit. Especially suitable to eat are oranges, plums, cherries, kiwi, grapefruit and apples. You can use juice and fruit at the same time but you need to keep it in good proportions.  Since juices and fruits have quite a lot of natural sugar, you shouldn’t consume them in large amounts