If you decide to get rid of unnecessary weight, it is worth knowing what errors is usually hampered by losing weight. How to lose weight fast? Jus don’t do this.

look-the-sameFirst mistake: lack of motivation

Stubbornness and consistency is already half the job. If you are not ready to comply strictly with weight-loss method you selected, is it  worth to start? Consider why you want to lose weight. Perhaps when you lose weight, you will become not only more beautiful, but also healthier? And maybe it will add self-confidence?   Most of all, it is you and not another human desire or tip. Enhance your motivation to enjoy the positive thoughts, even small. Small steps can be overcome by a large segment of the road.

Second mistake: waiting for a miraclediet_fail1

Remember a simple truth: magical diets. Quickly lose a lot of weight without damage to health is impossible. Fast weight loss – stress your body and health. Don`t try to lose 10 kg per month becouse  when you fail, you will be disappointed for all diets and the principles of healthy eating.

The bad is that quickly lose kg usually comes back with a resounding success. Set yourself a goal to lose weight more slowly (e.g., 3-5 kilograms per month), but stability. It access much better results. By the way, don`t check your weight every day: minimum weight fluctuations can ruin the mood. Do it once a week.

Third mistake: start workoutmistake-gym

When the diet the body is experiencing a bit of a shock. He takes with him to analyze what is going on, a lot of processes going on not only the organs and chemical reactions, but also the nervous system. Immediately taking the sports body is even more loaded. You remove your body, you are giving the wrong parameters of body control apparatus. The appearance of one such explosion in weight loss, but it is short and when bodies harmonized processes  finally stops losing weight. Adapts to the current situation and weight occurs. On the other side, it is necessary to evaluate whether you are willing to live the rest of life of these rhythms. What happens when you stop exercising, then as the body starts to react. 99% you’re gaining weight, probably even more than before.