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Testosterone and other hormones it has a major impact on your weight-loss processes and motivation. Hormone thanks, motivation is the biggest and help lose weight naturally.

Seven main hormoneshypopituitarism_pituitary_gland_schematic

About hormones is written a lot, but many of people do not imagine that their quantity depends on our health, mood, look, sleep, appetite, will and even intelligence. Let’s talk about the 7 essential hormones and what symptoms can result in a surplus or shortage of these substances.

Estrogen – hormone of femininity and beauty

Estrogen is the most widely known sex hormone produced by the ovaries. It literally creates a woman. Because after all, this magical figure, thanks to the charming female hormone takes care of the character-humility, softness and in sexuality. The beauty of human depends on the exterior as well as the quantity of estrogen in the body. If it is missing, the fabrics are starting to come apart, so it appears in the folds. Femininity hormone speeds up cell renewal, preserves the skin’s youthfulness, hair shine and protects blood vessels from the cholesterol pool. An excess of estrogen does not add attractiveness of women, that occurs during a large part of the completeness of the hips and lower abdomen may develop uterine mioma. The lack of this substance stimulates vaginal dryness, this causes pain, itching, or bloody ooze during sexual intercourse. Three-five years after menopause may be a consequence of this hormone deficit in osteoporosis and its consequences – the bone fractures (e.g. hard-neck fracture). Lack of estrogen in female body after 45-years old is one of the reasons to develop myocardial infarct and stroke.

Testosterone – strength and sexual hormonemaxresdefault

These hormones are produced by adrenal gland. A small quantity is sufficient to maintain normal well-being of the body. In particular, it encourages our sexual attraction, activity and the pursuit of the goal, ability to not just wait for the “prey”, but also for the preparation of a “trap”, or even head to the hunting. If woman have too much testosterone in the body, her muscles starts to grow, character becomes hot and more aggressive, skin becomes oily and sometimes they have acne. The lack of this hormone affects decrease in sexual desire, when a woman from the personification of passionate lione turnes into a sluggish doll.

Oxytocin – caring hormone

Oxytocin is produced by hypothalamus neurons and pituitary gland secretes into the blood stream. A large quantity of oxytocin comes into the blood after giving birth and it’s forcing us to love the baby which we launched in this world.
Any stress in a woman’s body reacts to the oxytocin, so they are looking for ways to shake off the sadness and anxiety. Woman takes care of her husband and children, supervise lonely elderly neighbours or provides hospitality for homeless kitten. Oxytocin deficiency promotes light irritation and sometimes frequent depression.

Thyroxine – hormone of shape and mind

Thyroxine is synthesized in the thyroid gland, it regulates metabolism and thinking speed, which means that it strongly affects our weight and thinking processes. If the body contains enough thyroxine, the skin is smoother, movements in flexible and graceful and reaction of interested man’s gaze – at lightning speed. An excess of this hormone affects weight drop even to abnormally low, when woman loses her natural given forms and becomes similar to a teenager boy. Thyroxine deficiency causes obesity, man becomes sluggish and sleepy, mind is empty and it is difficult to concentrate attention.

Norepinephrine – hormone of courage and rage

It is not always in our body, it is produced by adrenal gland in time we have stress. Probably you had heard about fear hormone which stimulates us to look for escape at the risk moment.

Insulin – hormone of the sweet lifeinsulin-shot

Insulin enters into the body from pancreas and purposefully regulates blood glucose level. It metabolise carbohydrates, including sweets, and retrieve glucose (energy source) fall into the tissues. Some people from birth produce less insulin, or it is not so active, as the rest people have.
When body gets more flour and sweet dishes, than it is able to recycle, excess of glucose in the cells starts function negatively. In this way develops diabetes, the risk increases if this disease had someone from relatives.

Somatropin – hormone of strength and slimsomatropin

This material is produced by hypophysis – gland, which is the internal secretion of the brain. In the gym you probably heard about somatropin – sports trainers and coaches often talk about it matter. It depends on the growth of muscle mass and fat incineration, tendon elasticity and firmness, including those muscles that support breasts. An excess of this hormone in childhood and young adulthood may have results in a rapid growth, adults may increase the nose, chin and hand bones. During pregnancy, somatropin is always more, so it can get a little more fat woman’s facial features, but after the birth of baby, all the changes disappears itself. If it is lack of this hormone in childrens body, it slows down or may stop growth process. If you consistently have insomnia, get tired or owereat, somatropin decrease muscle and they become flaccid, bust may lose attractive form. Such a situation cannot correct aerobics or any strength exercises.

With the ageing – testosterone production slows down

In the context of process of aging, a man’s body produces less testosterone. This is normal phenomenon, which in some cases do not cause virtually no noticeable changes. Slow decline in testosterone is normal part of aging process. However, significant quantities of hormone is reduced or even stopped production of it, in the body occurs in some lesions, which often occurs very subtly and can confuse even the experts. Some of the man’s body feelings of change can be a symptom of other disorders, so if you notice a certain number of characters, it is advisable to contact experts who will help determine true cause of ailment.

What are the signs of the issue through a small amount of testosterone?hormone

1. Decreased sex drive. It is difficult to determine whether or not the urge to have sex is reduced due to fatigue, stress, and other similar problems, whether this is caused by too low level of testosterone. However, if it notices not only you, but your partner, it is worth to check.

2. Erection and orgasm problems. Due to low testosterone, often may not only reduce sexual attraction, but deteriorate quality of sexual life. Male hormone stimulates molecule production of nitric oxide in brain receptors, what helps to cause an erection. Therefore, testosterone deficiency often leads problems like erectile difficulties at the absence of an orgasm.

3. Decline in quantity of semen produced. Testosterone is very important for production of semen. More testosterone in man’s body – more production and sperm.

4. Hair loss. Testosterone is responsible for many features, one of them in promotion of hair growth. Hair loss is a natural result of the aging process. Thus, it does not necessarily mean that the man has a problem with testosterone, however, men with a low testosterone level is likely to lose not only head, but the total body hair. So if you find that you need shave your beard less, think about changes in your organism.

5. Fatigue, lack of energy. It is noted that men with a small amount of testosterone, often feel tired, lack of energy, are not strength enough to engage in normal activities. If you rest enough but still keep feel tired, it might be worth visit a doctor.

6. Decline in muscle mass. Testosterone also affects mans physical form. This hormone is responsible for muscle mass increase, because of malfunction of hormone production, muscles are starting to fade.

7. Increase in fat content. Testosterone helps make fat to muscle cloth. In this hormone deficiency, often fat starts accumulate in different areas of the body, especially arms, legs and chest. Testosterone is also associated with estrogen, which is responsible for production of breast growth. Increase of the chest, can be result of lack of male hormone.

8. Thinning of bones. Often, it is estimated that osteoporosis common in women, but men bone can thin too, which can cause testosterone deficiency. Older men, especially those who for years struggled with a small amount of testosterone, bones are brittle and tend to break. The most common fractures are hips, legs, ribs, pasterns.

9. Mood swings. Hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, all this is not only for women during menopause. With such problems faces and men with low testosterone levels.

How naturally increase testosterone content

testosteroneTestosterone preparations level increase all over the world. Increasingly, it uses men who complain of a lack of energy, weakness or deterioration in sexual life. Indication for synthetic testosterone preparation – impaired puberty. Testosterone effect on muscle, so it is allocated to patients with muscular dystrophy. In some cases – for women, which are diagnosed with breast cancer. The main preparations of testosterone side effects include increased blood pressure, liver damage (hepatitis, jaundice), mood swings. As well it increase aggressiveness. Found that synthetic testosterone preparation increases risk of heart attack.

Testosterone hormone is often called men hormone. Hormone is produced by the male and promotes development of muscle mass, level of the voice, hair on the body. Small amounts of testosterone are produced in both men and women adrenal gland. Women’s body also produces testosterone by the ovaries. The truth is that amounts are significantly lower than in men’s body. This steroid hormone helps transform fat tissue, promotes energy production, hair growth, maintain bone density and other hormonal balance.
Naturally testosterone level in blood reaches highest point in 25-th man’s life.  Not long after that it begins to decline. On average decrease is about 2% each year. However, modern way of life has its own consequences. Stress, smoking, alcohol, fast food trigger testosterone concentrations up to 25 years. Muscle mass starts to decrease, fat starts to grow around abdomen, sexual attraction gets weak, sexual function deteriorate.

Change lifestyle is more difficult than to get to the doctor and buy testosterone preparations. Especially in United States or Western Europe. In 16 years, since 2000 designation of testosterone preparations have increased three times. Permitted or oral form, helps you quickly return joy of life, however, it has aforementioned side effects.

The latest alarm sounded on 5 November of 2010, when the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) published an article about one test. It was found that synthetic testosterone preparations 30% increases risk of heart attack, myocardial infarction. So potential benefits must be weighed by comparing it with damage, and preparations can be assigned if it truly appropriate.

On the other hand, masculinity, energy and strength of the body has been important since Ancient times. So, men, to retain masculinity, often don`t care about side effects. But how you can help yourself without prejudice?

Natural methods

file58861381_7ef5bc60Let’s start with the high-intensity physical training. Regularly carried out such drills improves metabolism and effectively increases concentration of testosterone in the blood. More effective than cardio is medium intensity longer workout, several times a week. It is most productive to do 12-20 minutes short workout, but highly intensive physical activity every day. It keeps the body not only from male hormone decrease in quantity, but also from high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes. Workout should look like this: select at least six different exercises for various parts of the body. For example: running track, exercises with weights or with the ball, resistance training, knee-bend, and so on. Following exercises you may change one to another and do following 3 times. Total 18 times. Duration of exercise – 30 seconds, in full force. Between different exercises do 10 seconds pause. Later you can choose from more than six different exercises and do them with the same scheme. In this way will be burned a lot of calories without reducing muscle mass, will be inhibited stress hormone cortisol release. As well it will help body to fight with inflammatory processes, occurring due to improper lifestyle.

Second, not less important thing – drop of overweight if you have it. Additional kilograms naturally reduces testosterone levels. Higher weight – lower testosterone levels. For small overweight it is great high-intensity exercises. However, if weight is too big it is necessary to adjust diet consulting a nutritionist. Best for high-intensity physical training is special diet, which reduces inflammatory processes in our body. The main principles of this “anti-inflammatory” diet is quite simple. Reduce use of simple sugars and processed carbohydrates, replace acid products with alkaline (vegetables, fruit, nuts must constitute significant part of the diet). It is recommended to use fatty acids (rich in coconut oil, olive oil, avocado), change animal protein to plant protein and drink enough water.

In third place – stress control. Some of men get stress almost every day and adrenal gland increases excretion of stress hormone cortisol and testosterone secretion. This is normal response of the body, which may eventually lead to serious health problems. There are a lot of steps to manage stress. Great help is physical activity and healthy nutrition. As well it is important rest, technical relacsasions, like Yoga, meditation, deep breathing and also massages.

One more tip – maintain adequate vitamin D3 level in the body. Vitamin D3 has chemical formula similar to steroid hormones, including testosterone. In general, vitamin D3 belongs to the same chemical class as testosterone, and it is involved in many reactions of organism, including production of testosterone. One research showed that men who had overweight and used vitamin D3 for one year, were able to keep normal male hormone levels.

Naturally Vitamin D3 products when we stay in the sun, but often enjoy a sun bath is not the best way to go, knowing the harmful effects of the Sun’s rays. So several times over the year, use vitamin D3: oil drops or more convenient – capsules. An adult male should get 5000-8000 IU (international units) of Vitamin D3 per day.

Older men are advised to pay attention to the statin use, if  increase in concentration of cholesterol in the blood. Statins – most popular medications to prescribe cholesterol content in the blood. They reduce amount of cholesterol in the blood and risk of heart attack. Cholesterol is involved in many reactions, for example, in the production of sex hormones. So dramatically reducing cholesterol levels in men can lead to neuropathy, develop muscle mass, to discern, libido, impaired memory, develop depression. It is necessary to consult with your physician regarding the use of these drugs in the group. So dramatically reducing cholesterol levels in mens body can lead to neuropathy, develop muscle mass, discern libido, impaire memory, develop depression. It is necessary to consult with your physician regarding use of these drugs.

What’s more important?

sleep-and-sexWhole fat consumption. Diet with very low fat quickly dissolves into variety of health problems. At the fact, every cell in our body has a fatty layer, and 60% of neural tissue is covered with fat material. Body fat is needed in order to produce healthy cells as well as the sex hormones. Too much fat increases cortisol levels in the body, stimulates development of inflammatory reactions. Testosterone production stiffle. Non-fat, rich in coconut oil, avocado, nuts and seeds, entries maintain in flammatory processes balance in the body, suppress testosterone concentration.

And the last but not least important point – good sleep. Get enough rest, it supports body to respective function. After all, when you sleep, the body moves to the renewal condition. Adjust hormone balance. In addition of good quality of sleep, organism will not be able to maintain that balance.

In addition, sleeping less than six hours a night, get weight faster, may develop diabetes, cardiovascular disease. 7-9 hours of sleep – ideal duration. Change your way of living, drink less coffee and sleep more.

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