stop alkocholIn order to begin using how to lose weight without, you first need to do several things to prepare yourself.

The special importance of the clock

Choose a specific convenient time when you would be able to have your meals everyday. Do it responsibly and deliberately, because they cannot be changed. One of the most important things to remember is that you have to eat at the same time everyday. This is the golden rule, which assures the best results.

The gap between meals should be no longer than 5.5 hours, otherwise, the body will start starving.  With the decreased metabolism as a result of the gap after eating, the organism will accumulate and grow fat.

Many people recommends hanging an eating schedule on the refrigerator that will not tangle days and food, because food cannot be the same two days in a row, so it is alternated. By having such a schedule, you will not mix up what to produce, it will be easier to go shopping and you will always see the graphics telling you when to eat at the time of your choice.

  • Start with eating Grape

  •  Try to get as much vitamin C

  • Coffee importance

While being on this diet it is recommended to drink coffee. Coffee not only cleanses the body from toxins, but also encourages fat burning. Most fat burning supplements contain caffeine as the main ingredient. This is one affective diet, and all the more appealing diet is protein diet. However, I’m here to stop you. Such a diet has a lot of hidden dangers, can seriously damage the health of the heart and other consequences.

  • Grill well

If you like spicy food, it’s great. The more spicy the food, the better results will be. Both caffeine and spicy foods improves thermoregulation as it encourages to consume more energy and to burn fat. Whereas most of the protein to meat which we eat with pleasure TOLDE grill is a good way to get more protein with less fat.

  • It is necessary to drink more water (non-carbonated)

In all period of dieting try to drink as much water as you can. A lot of water is essential to a healthy and effective slimming.

Do not drink alcohol, because alcohol very quickly absorbs calories and it instantly turns into sugar, and thus turns into additional body weight.

  • Other, but enjoyable factors leading to good results.

The hardest are the first 76 hours of the diet. After withstanding it, the body starts to use its own stocks, the stomach adapts to reduced food portions. This is a natural process and you do not need to fight with it, just accept it as a new start for a beautiful and healthy life. Approximately body adapts to it over 2 weeks.

Always try to sleep well. Scientists have proved that sleep is quite good help for rapid fat burning and of course being in a good mood always helps.

Start to capture your changes from now, by taking pictures, looking at weight changes everyday. It will serve you in the future.

Even the mere measurement of weight is not correct; after all, it is more important what dimensions you have, than how much you weigh. Muscle mass is heavier than fat, so it can mislead you. I started to follow this diet that came with protein and started doing sports. It is natural that the muscle begins to replace fat and weight loss rate declines. Therefore, I urge you not to be disappointed when next week the weight will fall not as quickly as the first.

Now that you know it, you can see how to lose weight without.