Way how to lose weight for children, at first glance, it is heavy. However, it is not, remember that you are forming behavior in parents. Therefore, everything is in your hands. Make things change for an adult, which is to change your life and the criticism that doing something went wrong reacts very hard. Children take everything easier, it is important to provide them.

Healthy kids diet, way on how to lose weight for children.fat-boy

Child (from 2 years old) should eat 5-6 times a day (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and two or three snacks), it is recommended that for breakfast and lunch, would result in a more than two-thirds of the daily diet in calories, less than one-third of the dinner. Eat regularly – every day at the same time, as the body is already in advance, prepare for the absorption of food. Food should be more diverse, with less fat (especially saturated fatty acids), more vegetables, fruit and grain products in food as far as possible the consumption of salt and sugar.

The base of the pyramid is grains, bread, potatoes and their products, which during the day should be eating the most. It is recommended to eat from this reference group of products from 4-5 servings per day: (1) the portion of it for example: ½-1 ½ chopped a hunk of bread or cereals-1/3 cup (Cup-220-240 ml) prepared grain porridges. Continue over the base of the pyramid are two product groups: veggies and fruits. Vegetables per day are recommended to eat 2 or more servings:
1 serving of it such as: ¼-1/2 range of cooked or raw vegetables, the same number of servings of fruits and berries – 2 or more per day. 1 portion of this example: ¼-1 fruit or ¼-1/2 cup of fresh berries, fruit puree, or ½ Cup of freshly squeezed fruit juice gel.

Above are two more groups of products in daily products recommended 2-3 servings per day:
1-¾ cup of milk mixture portion (above 1 m) or 20 g skimmed cheese, cottage cheese, or ½-1/3 cup skimmed yogurt without additives. From meat, poultry, fish, legumes, eggs, and nuts group of products-recommended 2-3 servings a day:

1 portion-30-60 g of lean meat, fish or poultry, or ¼ cup cooked peas or beans, or 1 cooked egg (AVG. size), or 1-4 teaspoons of crushed nuts, seeds. At the top of the pyramid are the foods that you eat requires at least in fats, oils, sugar, featured cold pressed – 3-5 teaspoons of (already added to the prepared dishes), sugar, candy, sweetened drinks.

Although in diet pyramid is not mentioned drinking water. This content is not limited, the child can drink as much as he wants. It is recommended to drink about 1-1,5 litres of water per day, depending on the age. The size of the portions of the following healthy eating pyramid depends on the age of the child. The size is calculated for each feeding for healthy and active child, regardless of sex.

Child overweightimagesma3wdufs

The most common causes of overweight and obesity is too big for the dietary intake of calories, which is not depleted, this nutrient surplus turns into fat. It is known that about 35% of the cases leads to obesity and heredity, and other causes of this is the environmental conditions (low physical activity, nutrition, mental and social factors), endocrine, genetic diseases and disorders. The weight of the child should be observed from birth. The physical development of the child is determined by applying the percentage approach to weight loss and a tall percentage chart. Kids being overweight is diagnosed if the weight and stature is  90% and ≤ 97, according to age and gender, and obesity, where the weight/height indicator is ≥ 97% according to age and sex. Overweight pre-school child (> 3 m) likely to be overweight in adulthood-30%, and 50% of the school-age child >. This would sometimes exaggerated attention may have a negative impact on a child’s weight.

fatkidIt is necessary to find out the whole family nutrition and physical activity, because parents habits of life very influenced by a child. In order to prevent overweight and obesity in the fight it is necessary to include all the members of the family, because  rare child is responsible for the preparation and production of food.

Eat regularly, at least every 4 hours, eat slowly, leisurely, eat the rich dinner and before going to bed (the last eating 2 hours before sleep).  Teach a child to properly choose food products because of the body weight is based on food balances, choose food products under the healthy eating pyramid, mainly eating foods in the database, and seldom in the top of the food pyramid. As far as possible the use of various high-fat sauces (butter, mayonnaise, salad dressing), avoid high-fat snack (fried potato crisps, corn oil, etc.), the reduction of the fat used for frying (roasted in butter or oil dishes) and total fat but kind of greasy food, instead of the meat – lean meat, chicken and fish, and of course to eat more vegetables, fruits and grains.

Recommended to drink enough liquids, is best suited for water,  avoid a lot of juice and other energy drinks. Generally, the whole family should set an example not only for a healthy food, but as much as possible promote the physical activity of the child.

Small child’s weight

The opposite condition of obesity is eating failure. If a child’s weight is too low not at the organic reasons or psychosocial factors, there are more likely it is hereditary or just more interest in the environment and  games than the food. In any case, there is need to respond if  the weight is too low, in order to avoid disruption of the child’s development.

Parents to avoid conflict and to compel by force the child to eat as meals have to be enjoyable and fun (dishes with a ground game, pictures). Be sure to praise your child for eating all meal. Allow your child take some food by hand. Eat all together (as far as possible) at the same time.

Do not give the child a drink (except water), or eat at least 1 hour before the main meal. Limit juice consumption (because it’s also the food) a day. Stick to eating regime for the time table of the main meals and snacks. Do not give sweets before the main meal, and then when the child did not eat main meal. Enter the new food products, only small quantities to give a try. Add a child to the simple dishes preparation, in this case, the child will be happy to eat the food he produced. It should not be taken to read or watch tv while eating.