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In the first stage how to lose weight man should prepare himself psychologically, facing dual feelings of contradiction. Only by believing that you can lose weight and that it is not difficult, can you be able cope with these sentiments knowing that it will cost you no worries. You only need to follow the diet plan and turn on your common sense to listen to what needs to be done. Observe your surroundings, watch your body, watch your thinking and evaluate everything with criticism.

It becomes easier after the first results, because it makes you more positive and it increases your motivation. It is amusing to see changes in the body, while tasting and enjoying the food. You start monitoring surroundings and the food you eat, while criticizing it. Because you, from now on, eat healthy, nutritious, full and high-quality food. You start enthusiastically discussing it with friends, pay more attention to what you are buying at the supermarket, start watching TV cooking programs.

In general, you become a happier human being, your relationship with your family is getting better, and life is turning completely to the better side. Surprisingly, you start to notice fat food dishes, and you do not like how it tastes. Disappeared bloating senses allow you to start sleeping better. And all these are just some of the advantages of what is waiting for you. To add up, you will start to move more easily when you finally fit into your old clothes, shortness of breath disappears, hormone balance recovers, there is an even greater desire to live, that pride of yourself.

In the first stage exercising is not recommended. It can unbalance the diet and cause the body stress. And stress is undesirable. It would be recommended to start using calcium together with your diet, because by using it weight loss is faster.


Menu and Food Portions

Just after waking up always start your morning with a glass of average temperature water, and only about half an hour after start your breakfast.

●    1 cup of freshly squeezed juice;
●    1 sandwich with cheese, sausage or ham(change every second day: one morning sausage/ham another cheese).  Use only pure meat, butter, none spreadable mixture.

●    Fish or meat dishes can be with your favorite sauce, Weight 150 – 160 g,
●    Garnish from at least three kinds of fresh vegetables, salads can be any flavored with any spices and herbs.
●    1 cup of freshly squeezed juice (about 250 ml)

●    White or red potatoes with vegetables Salad (eaten alternately every day) with bread. One small cup.
●    1 cup of buttermilk, milk or other savory drink.
White salad ingredients: boiled potato, meat or sausage, canned peas, egg, some pickles. The sauce – 2 teaspoons mayonnaise.

Red salad ingredients: boiled potato, beets and carrots, sauerkraut and pickles, one onion. The sauce: 2 teaspoons of oil. You can eat this salad with 1 tablespoon of canned fish.

Vegetables are not limited. Do not use as a side dish potatoes, grits, pasta, rice or other carbohydrates.

Once a week you have to do the curd discharge day.

●    200-250 gr. curd
●    9-10 walnuts
●    2.5 of tablespoon honey
●    2 large apples
●    0.5 liter of milk or buttermilk

Everything that must be eaten you should spread throughout the day 5-6 times. You can eat lunch portion several times. By eating like this you will reach better results much faster and you will not feel hungry, because it will be continuously supplied with nutrients.

Throughout the day between meals, drink 2 liters of water: coffee and tea without additives, mineral carbonated and non-carbonated water. At the daytime drink water or unsweetened tea and try to drink them cold. Recent studies show that the body consumes a lot of energy in food digestion heating.  Your Allowed to chew sugar-free chewing gum, and smoke.

eating timeExample

In assembling the week feeding schedule, first select the curd discharge day, because after this day it is necessary to eat eggs for breakfast, lunch – fish for dinner – white salad. After this, the schedule continues with  the alternately approach of combining products.


Week menu example how to lose weight:


Juice equivalent to the food, so do not take the place of water.. Tea, coffee, mineral water can be used at any time throughout the day, in unlimited quantities.


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