Diet five stages :


First stage: Lasts until you drop the half required weight you want to lose (the total excess weight).

Second stage: Lasts until you drop the still one-third of the required weight you want to lose (the total excess weight).

Third stage: Lasts about a month, until all overweight is dropped.

Fourth stage: Stabilization stage – during a gradual transition to a weight maintenance mode (takes about six months).

Fifth: Weight maintenance phase.




It is prohibited to consume alcohol, very salty foods, sugar and other sweeteners. Intake of the product may not be less than 1,200 calories. No random snacks!

Necessary to eat at least 3 times a day, and at a defined time (tolerance of only +/- 15 min). Drink at least 1.5 L of water a day.

It is strictly prohibited to miss meals, refuse the product or to reduce the portions; daily intake of less than 1,200 calories slows the body’s metabolism and the energy saving mode, and then weight stops falling. This diet is calculated exactly for 1,200 calories a day, that is why it is forbidden to reduce portions, or abandon the product.


Super active diet, which helps to fast and healthy weight loss . No need to exercise , do not use supplements or other medications. You just need to eat and enjoy the meal. It is so simple and easy! It can do all , no matter what age you are , what your gender , how much you weigh or what nationality you are .

You do not have to throw the fog, stop drinking coffee, or start attending onerous workouts.

Following this diet people are gaining self-confidence, a new life , married , discovering new works , venturing in new business. Women who were unable to conceive a baby .

It is completely free. I was able to , so I’ll share it with you. The best reward for me is to help at least one person. I am sure that happy people will be much more.