On Average, in accordance to this diet, you should lose about 10 kg per month, but in the first few weeks you can seek even more impressive results. After the first week my results were impressive and it motivated me to continue this diet; I have lost a total of 7 kg. I think that this is the  Best diet to lose weight.

After many years, I finally understand that there are no boundaries to losing weight and that with the help of this simple diet I could reach very impressive results. However, it is necessary to connect all components of this diet for maximal results. Knowing the best way to lose weight, it could be so impressive that I cannot even draw a maximal weight loss limit. This is influenced by many factors, such as: your gender, age, health, weight, metabolism, even the region where you live, etc. What I can promise to you is that it is effective and the results will surprise you. How to do it? All information you can find here. You just need to know what results you want to achieve and you will definitely do it.

Before choosing the desired amount of weight that you want to loose, remember that your body weight consists of a few things, and in estimate it is not just the extra fat. A large part of your body weight is water, fat and other substances.

So choose wisely the amount of weight you would want loose. Before you start to follow this diet, check your body mass index (BMI).

The Best diet to lose weight consists of 5 main stages due to the rapid slimming harm to health. The last two stages are designed to maintain a constant weight, so the weight never returns.