About how I was able to lose weight

I am not an organization, not a business, industry or marketing specialist. I am a simple middle age person, just like you and i know, how to lose weight. I went through the same feelings of being overweight and thought that my dream to become skinny was slowly dying. I am not a sport specialist; don’t have a medical or dietetics degree. My job is an analyst, who had an overweight body with many problems, which lead to psychological problems.


Even drinking water seemed like it was making me bigger. All my effort and hard work was not showing any results. That is why it is simple for me to understand you… What you need, how to help you, what is effective and what is not. Many personal trainers and dietitians brag about big achievements, but they are silent about how much time and effort they spend in the gym and how much steroids they use. They don’t mention that there are people out there who are blessed with a fast metabolism, so they don’t need to input much effort for great results. However, fake results and ways that are damaging health are not tolerated.


I have tried many different ways to lose weight, from diets, various sport programs, and even taking “magical pills”. And if you think I will say that they are not working, you are wrong. Yes, some of these methods helped me to reach some results, but in the end it was all the same and the weight was gradually coming back with usury. My health was worsening; I started having headaches and started feeling weaker.

About Gym.


Gym of course are also very effective and useful. However, I am not a professional sportsman, and don’t have a lot of time, money and stamina for it. However, I was consulting with a good friend of mine who had became a champion in many world fitness and classical bodybuilding competitions. I even tried their diets, which they use before competitions for “contest looks’’. These diets are very strict, hard and I would say even health threatening. That is why these diets are made individually for these sportsmans and dietitians in which personal trainers look after these sportsmen. Yes they are effective but because of the reasons I have mentioned previously, for a simple person these diets are not appropriate and onerous. To my mind, active sports are an auxiliary tool to loose weight, but not main. Scientists have proved that losing weight depends 80% on nutrition and 20% on sports and other measures. That is why the biggest attention should be concentrated on what we are eating and how we are doing it.

What I discovered

After all my failures to lose weight I have tried to get used to the idea that I will be large and that I will compensate it with my humor and positivity. I have even began to buy oversized clothes to feel more comfortable and that one day there would be no surprises that my clothes don’t fit me anymore. Clothes of course become darker as it masks volumes of the body better. However, honestly I pulled myself up not for the clothes or for a beautiful body, but for deteriorated health and the birth of a baby. I began to notice health problems, such as wheezing as I slightly move, it became hard to tie my own shoes, my wife started to frequently complain more of my strong snoring, I was always feeling fatigued and eternally inadequate.

One day my friends invited me to play basketball and of course I said yes, because I always love to play it and I was good at it. I just forgot one seemingly insignificant detail; the last time I played it, I was enrolled in the university. And guess what? My game lasted no more than 5 minutes. I slightly regained my breath; it was hard for me to run after my friends and my blood pressure was drastically rising. And then I immediately realized that I couldn’t live like this anymore and that I have to change my lifestyle. I was mad at myself, thinking about my children, what will happen to them if I do not change anything; I was wondering how I could just let myself go like this, so I swore that I will find a way to change my habits and live a valuable life.

At the time, it seemed that this day was the nastiest day of my life, but now when I remember it, it makes my heart feel good. That day, the evening was so sunny, warm and calm, with a wonderful sunset. Now it seems to me as if it was a sign that everything would be ok, that miracles can happen and it would be the beginning of my body transformation. Of course, let’s be realistic, there are no miracles, but I succeeded. My weight was 113 kg and now it is 75 kg. As I began to follow the recommendations of other people I began to see how impressive my results were. Honestly, the number of kilograms I can lose is not limited.

So I found the way to do it. I used my ability to analyze information and do calculations. I remembered all the diets that I have used, selected what was useful and effective from it and what was not. I realized what determines failure and eliminated it. I added up all information and created a safe and effective way to lose weight in the easiest and quickest way.

You should always criticize everything that  is said from others about diets. You should analyze information so that you will understand the right ways to help yourself. I don’t advertise the industries, or their created products, and you don’t have to immediately believe that this diet is simple, effective and the best in the world. But please, don’t be indifferent, just love yourself for who you are.

It doesn’t cost anything, there are no hidden or additional tax or other types of fraud. I know how you feel, what it feels like to be an obese person in the world, so I want to help you. And what I expect from you is that after losing weight you will not become selfish and will help others who need such assistance, ranging from family members, a neighbor or even a colleague. You will boost your self-confidence and remain in a good mood.