Congratulations, you did it!download

You are no longer fat, and never fail to remain such. Now can proud you self, you’ve lost weight.

You achieved what you wanted; now your life stains in new colors. It is time to reward yourself. Give yourself a photo session or spoil yourself with something you really wanted, or perhaps treat yourself with a trip, or spa pleasures. The most important thing is to evaluate your efforts and thank yourself.

In this stage you have reached the normal weight maintenance process, so you no longer need to strictly be compliant with the rules, as you were in the first four stages of the diet.

You should keep just some of the fundamental principles:

  1. Eat more diverse and more natural food, no snacks.
  2. Eat exactly the same hour as always; do not miss breakfast lunch and dinner.
  3. At least once a week do a curd day.
  4. If you have overeaten, ate sweets, have used alcohol, the next day must be done discharge day.
  5. Drink more water constantly.
  6. Exercise.

Always remember that if you begin to grow in weight, repeat the first step. However, I am convinced that it will start to grow again just because you do not receive my instructions. Eg .: to reduce water quantity, changed eating time, or miss one of the meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner).


Always welcome, your GOLD WORKOUT.