In the fourth stage, for a month, you should have an extra discharge day once a week and appoint one of them to the carbohydrate day.  At this stage, no longer has the weight of falling so fast. The body has regulated its metabolism, fat mass below. Now it’s possible to ask a question: “how to lose weight fast?”  Otherwise, this stage becomes very long distressing unendurable.

There are several options:

  • You can do them in the third or fourth day before curd day.
  • You can alternate weekly menu discharges, or you could always do them at the same time.

Carbohydrate day is the best day to do it, after the fish day. On this day you can eat pizza, pasta and other food whose base is composed of more carbohydrates. The only condition is that you should eat it in portions of 6 times per day. Example, pick up a small pizza and divide it out in 6 portions.


For better results, in order to answer the question how to lose weight fast,  you need start to use dietary supplements since your body is missing it and the food is not enough to cover your intake amount. Especially recommended are L-carnitine products, they will strengthen your fat burning and improve your cardiovascular system. Of course parallel consumption continues with vitamins.

Another essentially supplement is selenium. All these materials are natural and produced by the body, but the amount of it is inadequate.

Modern Science and Technology nowadays is really a lot more advanced. It is important to its peaceful use in moderation. There are supplements that we can here to help. They are absolutely not harmful, these substances in our body are constantly, just difficult to get food, practically impossible to supply the body with the necessary amount. Man after all, can not handle a ton of cabbage and the like. Therefore, scientists have to choose purified supplements. It is completely safe for your body.

The market offers a great deal. What specifically use should still be aware of. The article is about the individual, does not mention specific names or manufacturers. We talk about how to choose what to pay attention to what should be the composition.

Now you can start going to the gym. More about the most appropriate and fairest trained created a separate chapter in our WORKOUTS.

Add motivationstone-1

Honestly, in this phase your motivation begins to fall, and doubts begin to emerge. That is why it’s time to take care of your psychological side, and strengthen your motivation, by encouraging yourself and reminding yourself why you are doing this.

I would recommend to take interest in fitness and bodybuilding. Start looking at the pictures in which you can see your progress and achievements. It will help inspire and motivate you to achieve even better results.

For this we have created our own section of the page MOTIVATION.